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From admiral +‎ -cy


admiralcy (plural admiralcies)

  1. The rank of admiral.
    • 1892, Edward John Payne, History of the New World Called America, Clarendon Press, Page 155
      The grant of the hereditory Admiralcy diverted his energies to a barren field.
    • 1955, John O'Hara, Ten North Frederick, Random House, Page 32
      He was impresed by the Governor's governorship and the admiral's admiralcy (Carter had been an ensign in World War 1)...
    • 1989, James Albert Michener, Caribbean, Random House, Page 101
      But because of your bravery at Cummaná and your good management at Cartagena I convert your courtesy admiralcy to a permanent appointment as Admiral.
    • 2004, Alastair Wilson and Joseph F. Callo, Who's Who in Naval History: From 1550 to the Present, Routledge, Page 116
      [of Henri, duc de Montmorency] After being stripped of his admiralcy he fought ashore, and in 1630 won a victory at Avigliana in Piedmont, and was made a Marshal of France