advanced degree

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advanced degree (plural advanced degrees)

  1. (education) A university degree, such as an MSc or PhD, awarded after a baccalaureate on completion of a further program of academic studies.
    • 1998 Nov. 3, Cathy Comerford, "Woodward sued for baby's lost millions," The Independent (UK) (retrieved 3 Feb 2014):
      This is based on . . . the opinion of a vocational expert that "it is likely that Matthew would have graduated from college and obtained an advanced degree".
    • 2011 June 25, David Leonhardt, "Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off," New York Times (retrieved 3 Feb 2014):
      Skeptics like to point out that the income gap isn’t rising as fast as it once was, especially for college graduates who don’t get an advanced degree.