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adverb +‎ -hood


adverbhood (uncountable)

  1. (linguistics, rare) The property of being an adverb.
    • 1986, Studies in Language, volume 10, page 30:
      The only candidate for adverbhood seems to be schnell, as indicated by the English gloss.
    • 1998, Alex Klinge, Mastering English: A Student's Workbook and Guide[1], page 36:
      Using form as a criterion for adverbhood leaves us with a highly mixed bag of forms with little in common, such as HOWEVER, OFTEN, NOT, VERY, MORE, EVEN, OUT, DOWNSTAIRS, etc.
    • 2004, Marina Dossena, Methods and Data in English Historical Dialectology[2], page 177:
      The primacy of semantic features in creating an inventory tends to make it necessary to define degrees of adverbhood or subordinatorhood, for instance, and in this analysis discoursal and textual properties of clause-combining devices play an important role.