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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin aegilops, from Ancient Greek αἰγίλωψ (aigílōps, haver-grass, Aegilops neglecta) ( <= Aegilops ovata), an herb of which goats are fond.


aegilops (plural aegilopses)

  1. An ulcer or fistula in the inner angle of the eye.
    • 1823, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 6th Edition, Volume 2, page 205,
      If the ægilops be neglected, it bursts, and degenerates into a fistula, which eats into the bone.
    • 1829, Thomas Curtis (editor), The London Encyclopaedia: or, Universal Dictionary of Science, Art, Literature, And Practical Mechanics, Volume I: A to America,
      If the ægilops be accompanied with an inflammation, it is supposed to take its rise from the abundance of blood, which a plethoric habit discharges on the corner of the eye.
    • 1846, Paulus Aegineta, Francis Adams (translator), The Seven Books of Paulus Ægineta, Volume 2, page 284,
      The ægilops is an apostematous swelling between the great canthus and the nose ; and it is an affection difficult to cure, owing to the thinness of the bodies, and the fear of injuring the eye by sympathy.
  2. (obsolete) The wild-oat or other grass found as a corn-weed.