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afflict +‎ -ive


afflictive (comparative more afflictive, superlative most afflictive)

  1. That causes physical or mental pain.
    • 1716, Thomas Browne, Christian Morals, 2nd edition edited by Samuel Johnson, London: J. Payne, 1756, Part I, p. 44,[1]
      [] we consider not sufficiently the good of evils, nor fairly compute the mercies of PROVIDENCE in things afflictive at first hand.
    • 1718, Alexander Pope (translator), The Iliad of Homer, London: Bernard Lintot, Volume 4, Book 14, p. 96,[2]
      All this from Jove’s afflictive Hand we bear:
      Who, far from Argos, wills our Ruin here.
    • 1718, Matthew Prior “Henry and Emma” in Poems on Several Occasions, London: Jacob Tonson, p. 229,[3]
      But canst Thou, tender Maid, canst Thou sustain
      Afflictive Want, or Hunger’s pressing Pain?
    • 1847, Anne Brontë (pseudonym Acton Bell), Agnes Grey, Chapter 3,[4]
      In my childhood I could not imagine a more afflictive punishment than for my mother to refuse to kiss me at night: the very idea was terrible.

Derived terms[edit]





  1. feminine of afflictif