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From Afrotheria, from Afro- + Ancient Greek θηρίον (thēríon, beast).


afrothere (plural afrotheres)

  1. (zoology) An afrotherian.
    • 2004, Richard Dawkins, The Ancestor's Tale, Mariner Books, page 222:
      Golden moles and tenrecs seem to be related to each other, and most modern authorities place them within the afrotheres.
    • 2007, Rodolphe Tabuce et al., "Early Tertiary Mammals from North Africa Reinforce the Molecular Afrotheria Clade", Proceedings of the Royal Society B, volume 274, page 1159:
      In the absence of a comprehensive fossil record for stem members of crown Afrotheria, most high-level phylogenetic analyses have been based primarily on the morphology of extant afrotheres[…].