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Alternative forms[edit]



after- +‎ conduct


after-conduct (uncountable)

  1. Subsequent behavior.
    • 1833, Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen, Historical Memoirs of the House of Russell:
      But even, for the sake of argument, allowing the disputant his point, that William did really but affect the belief of Russell's fidelity, what shall be said of his after-conduct ?
    • 1869, Mary Botham Howitt, Love and Money: An Every-day Tale, page 41:
      She went to live as housekeeper with a lady, the widow of a respectable tradesman in Portsmouth; before long the son, a man worthy of her, as his after-conduct proved, fell in love with her.
    • 2013, Alfred Edersheim, Bible History: Old Testament:
      This is further borne out by his after-conduct. (Exodus 18)