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Ancient Greek άγαλμα (ágalma, statue) + English -philia


agalmatophilia (uncountable)

  1. A paraphilia characterised by sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin, or similar object.
    • 1974, New Zealand Medical Journal, volume 79, page 891:
      The former included research into alcoholism, transsexualism, painting in therapy, agalmatophilia and tattoo removal: the latter the differential effects of single or double carotid endarterectomy.
    • 2008, John Petropoulos, Greek Magic: Ancient, Medieval and Modern[1], page 24:
      The most famous episode of agalmatophilia in the ancient world dates also to the early third century. It is recounted in the treatise Peri Knidou by Posidippus, probably the homonymous epigrammist of Pella, who was interested in works of art and whose activity dates to around 285-265.
    • 2016, Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Queer Futures: Reconsidering Ethics, Activism, and the Political[2]:
      Interestingly, though, agalmatophilia (the erotic love of statues) is a recognized sexual attraction with a history of labeling as deviant (Blanshard 2010: 28–30). [] Perhaps, though, what we behold in agalmatophilia is a love of art gone too far rather than a queer love.