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a- (on, in) +‎ glare


aglare (not comparable)

  1. (postpositive) Glaring (either verb sense)
    • 1712, Ambrose Philips, The Distrest Mother, Act V, in The New English Theatre, London: J. Rivington & Sons, 1776, Volume 6, p. 45,[1]
      A ghastly figure, full of gaping wounds,
      His eyes aglare, his hair all stiff with blood,
    • 1728, James Ralph, “The Muses’ Address to the King: an Ode” in Miscellaneous Poems, London: W. Meadows et al., 1729, p. 4,[2]
      So, when the providential eye of heav’n’s,
      Not seen to blaze
      With dreadful majesty aglare,
      And vengeance sleeps, mankind
      Pursues its darling joys, and mocks
      The pow’r divine []
    • 1871, Charles Kingsley, At Last: a Christmas in the West Indies, London: Macmillan, Chapter 3, p. 82,[3]
      Apodaca set fire to his ships [] At least, he would not let them fall into English hands. At three in the morning Port of Spain woke up, all aglare with the blaze six miles away to the north-west.
    • 1898, Henry A. Castle, “The Army Mule” in The Army Mule, and Other War Sketches, Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill, p. 29,[4]
      His eye was aglare with hate, every glance a stab.
    • 2009, Thomas Fuller, “A Legendary River Changed by Asian Ambition,” New York Times, 18 December, 2009,[5]
      Many parts of the Mekong were once a star-gazer’s dream; now nights on the river are increasingly aglare with electricity.