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a- +‎ gomphosis


agomphosis (uncountable)

  1. Looseness of the teeth.
    • 1995, Sun Yanyan, “A Survey of State of Oral Health on the Middle and Old-aged People in Xining”, in Journal of Qinghai Medical College:
      The content of survey include oral hygiene state, gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries, agomphosis, dental prosthesis, leukokeratosis.
    • 2009, Fu Sheng-qi, Fan Xi-yin, & Liu Heng-xing, “Relationship of the mandibular canal with the mandibular posterior teeth and its clinical significance”, in Chinese Journal of Clinical Anatomy, volume 6:
      10 fresh mandibles, 18 adult mandibles with total teeth and 20 volunteers without agomphosis were selected and exposed the inferior alveolar neurovascular bundle, the mandibular canal and the dental root of mandibular posterior teeth, scanned in series by CT, and then its three-dimensional image were reconstructed.
    • 2010 March, Xiaoqiu Xie, Lin Wang, & Aming Wang, “Artificial neural network modeling for deciding if extractions are necessary prior to orthodontic treatment”, in The Angle Orthodontist, volume 80, number 2:
      Furthermore, extraction spaces can be utilized to correct width discrepancy between arches (crossbite or scissor bite of posterior teeth), tooth size discrepancy (congenital agomphosis or Bolton index abnormity), and so forth.