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an ahegao


From Japanese アヘ顔 (ahegao), from アヘアヘ (aheahe, panting) + (kao, face).


ahegao (plural ahegao or ahegaos)

  1. (chiefly Japanese fiction) An exaggerated facial expression consisting of flushed cheeks, rolled-back eyes, and the tongue hanging out, intended to depict a person having an orgasm.
    • 2017, Takashi Kajii, My Little Sister Can Read Kanji: Volume 3, unnumbered page:
      "The ahegao you draw is the best ever, ■■-sensei!."
    • 2017, Carolina Lindström, "'The power of characterization': A comparative analysis of the transformative works created by the English-language and Japanese-language fandoms of BBC Sherlock", thesis submitted to Stockholm University, page 26:
      During the set of intercourse at the end of the story, Sherlock is also drawn featuring ahegao expressions, frequently used in hentai or pornographic works.
    • 2019, "Personals", The Medium (Rutgers University), 6 March 2019, page A6:
      Without anime I would never have been introduced to such thought provoking concepts as ahegao or 15 year old girls with boobs the size of basketballs.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:ahegao.


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  1. Rōmaji transcription of あへがお
  2. Rōmaji transcription of アヘがお