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air +‎ wise


airwise (comparative more airwise, superlative most airwise)

  1. Competent and familiar with aircraft or air travel.
    • 1927, Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE journal, volume 19:
      The Public Should Become Airwise. The whole question of accidents is a very tragic and deeply interesting one. The public does not understand it.
    • 1979, Temple Fielding, Fielding's Europe, 1979:
      GENERAL LORE FOR THE AIRWISE. Here's a quick roundup of facts and suggestions for all airborne trippers, regardless of the type of aircraft they happen to fly...
    • 1999, Howard Mansfield, Skylark: the life, lies, and inventions of Harry Atwood:
      ...a craft that will astonish even the most airwise of all aeronautical engineers.