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Alternative forms[edit]


all +‎ anerly (singly), from ane (one)


allenarly (not comparable)

  1. (Scotland, archaic) Solely; only.
    • 1728, Robert Lindsay, The History of Scotland from 1436 to 1565, page 198:
      I grant thereto, she shall be well answered thereof; not allenarly of the same, but the double thereof, and make your memorial of all your desires, number and valour thereof, and ye shall not have alone the single, but the double thereof.
    • 1734, Sir Thomas Hope, “Title XV”, in Practical Observations Upon Divers Titles of the Law of Scotland, Commonly called Hope's Minor Praticks:
      [] is not habilis modus to establish a Right in the Person of the Assigny, but allenarly so long as the Cedent remains Heritor of the Lands []
    • 1830, John M'Ure, A View of the City of Glasgow, Or, An Account of Its Origin, Rise and Progress, with a More Particular Description Thereof Than Has Hitherto Been Known, page 84:
      [] he orders the assembly to sit at the city of Glasgow allenarly, and no where else, because of the known loyalty and disposition of the town to his service []