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almond-butter (usually uncountable, plural almond-butters)

  1. Alternative form of almond butter
    • 1886, Notes and Queries, page 185:
      Most of the good things which Miss Eugenia and Miss Clara were taught to make in the country sound very appetizing, the "almond-butter" especially, à mon goût.
    • 1930, Harold Reinoehl Walley, John Harold Wilson, Early Seventeenth-century Plays, 1600-1642, page 101:
      He was eating of almond-butter, and I long'd for't.
    • 2011, Fodor's New Mexico, 8th Edition, page 134:
      Top off your meal with an almond-butter cake served with warm spiced apples and a mascarpone-caramel sauce.

Usage notes[edit]

Modern use of this hyphenated form is usually reserved for attributive use of the noun.