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alphabet +‎ -arian


alphabetarian (plural alphabetarians)

  1. One who is learning the alphabet; an abecedarian.
  2. A novice or ignoramus.
    • 1873, James Craigie Robertson, History of the Christian Church: A.D. 64-1517
      The archbishop was derided in ballads as an "alphabetarian," who had burnt books which he could not read.
    • 1867, Philological Society, Transactions of the Philological Society
      I know also from experience that when an alphabetarian allows himself to use diacritical accents, he multiplies them excessively...
    • 1963, Forbes Parkhill, Mister Barney Ford: A Portrait in Bistre
      The young alphabetarian had acquired sufficient learning to lead him to yearn for more; enough to stir his imagination; to give him notions.