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From alt + dil.


altdil (definite accusative altdili, plural altdiller)

  1. (linguistics) lingo


Nominative altdil
Definite accusative altdili
Singular Plural
Nominative altdil altdiller
Definite accusative altdili altdilleri
Dative altdile altdillere
Locative altdilde altdillerde
Ablative altdilden altdillerden
Genitive altdilin altdillerin
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilim altdillerim
2nd singular altdilin altdillerin
3rd singular altdili altdilleri
1st plural altdilimiz altdillerimiz
2nd plural altdiliniz altdilleriniz
3rd plural altdilleri altdilleri
Definite accusative
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilimi altdillerimi
2nd singular altdilini altdillerini
3rd singular altdilini altdillerini
1st plural altdilimizi altdillerimizi
2nd plural altdilinizi altdillerinizi
3rd plural altdillerini altdillerini
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilime altdillerime
2nd singular altdiline altdillerine
3rd singular altdiline altdillerine
1st plural altdilimize altdillerimize
2nd plural altdilinize altdillerinize
3rd plural altdillerine altdillerine
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilimde altdillerimde
2nd singular altdilinde altdillerinde
3rd singular altdilinde altdillerinde
1st plural altdilimizde altdillerimizde
2nd plural altdilinizde altdillerinizde
3rd plural altdillerinde altdillerinde
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilimden altdillerimden
2nd singular altdilinden altdillerinden
3rd singular altdilinden altdillerinden
1st plural altdilimizden altdillerimizden
2nd plural altdilinizden altdillerinizden
3rd plural altdillerinden altdillerinden
Singular Plural
1st singular altdilimin altdillerimin
2nd singular altdilinin altdillerinin
3rd singular altdilinin altdillerinin
1st plural altdilimizin altdillerimizin
2nd plural altdilinizin altdillerinizin
3rd plural altdillerinin altdillerinin

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