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alto (high) +‎ bajo (low)


  • IPA(key): /altiˈbaxo/, [al̪t̪iˈβaxo]


altibajo m (plural altibajos)

  1. (in the plural) ups and downs
  2. setback
    • 2015 September 29, “Jazz para todos los públicos”, in El País[1]:
      De Fats Waller o Nat Cole a Tom Waits o Bob Dylan, de Fred Astaire o Frank Sinatra a Gordon Lightfoot o The Mamas and The Papas, de Oscar Peterson a Green Day. Un recorrido aparentemente caótico que Krall sabe hacer suyo sin el mínimo altibajo pasando del boogie woogie al blues y de ahí al pop-rock con total naturalidad.
      From Fats Waller or Nat Cole to Tom Waits or Bob Dylan, from Fred Astaire or Frank Sinatra to Gordon Lightfoot or The Mamas and the Papas, from Oscar Peterson to Green Day: a seemingly chaotic tour that Krall knows how to make his own without the smallest setback, changing from boogie woogie to the blues and from there to pop-rock completely naturally.

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