anchor's aweigh

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anchor's aweigh

  1. (nautical) Response to order to weigh anchor when the anchor has been tripped and is no longer attached to the bottom.
    • [1928] 1988, Frederick Pease Harlow, The Making of a Sailor [1]
      Then the mate called again to the captain, “Anchor’s aweigh, sir!” while the men kept on heaving.
    • 1987, Philip McCutchan, Convoy North[2]:
      Amory’s voice came again from the fo’c’sle. ‘Anchor’s aweigh, sir.’
    • 1994, Patrick O'Brian, The Fortune of War[3]:
      ‘Anchor’s apeak — they pawl and back — ’ At this moment the American frigate fired a gun, dropped her topgallantsails, and sheeted them home. ‘Anchor’s aweigh,’ called Broke. ‘He plucked it up in fine style.’

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