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Alternative forms[edit]


From anchor +‎ -ess


anchoress (plural anchoresses)

  1. A female anchorite. A woman who chooses to withdraw from the world to live a solitary life of prayer and contemplation.
    • 2003, Yōko Wada, “A Genre of Ancrene Wisse”, in A Companion to Ancrene Wisse[1], DS Brewer, →ISBN, page 39:
      … and advises the anchoresses to take on the basic religious vows …
  2. (informal) an anchorwoman
    • 2006 February 11, Poniewozik, James, “Live from Turin—Sorry, Torino—It's NBC”, in Time Magazine[2], retrieved 2012-01-25:
      Williams was co-hosting in place of Katie Couric, a move some have speculated was meant to deprive the possible next anchoress of the CBS Evening News the prime time exposure.
    • 2007 April 16, Abelson, Max, “Sold! 'Money Honey,' Hubby Buy $6.5 M. East Side Townhouse”, in New York Observer[3], retrieved 2012-01-25:
      Mr. Thompson reportedly booted executives off a cross-continental Citigroup flight to be alone with the impeccably brunette anchoress.