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Contraction of andere Leute ("other people") + genitive ending -s. The latter is applied here on the model of the genitives of other indefinite pronouns. However, the form anderleuts is peculiar because Leute is plural and plural genitives never take -s in standard German. Compare the similar Dutch andermans.


  • IPA(key): /ˈandɐˌlɔʏ̯ts/



  1. (indefinite, colloquial) other people's, someone else's
    Mit anderleuts Sachen muss man vorsichtig sein.
    With someone else's things you must be careful.

Usage notes[edit]

The colloquial anderleuts always precedes that which is possessed. In standard German proper the correct genitive plural anderer Leute must be used, which may precede or follow the possession: mit anderer Leute Sachen, or: mit den Sachen anderer Leute. (In the latter case Leute can fall away: mit den Sachen anderer – with the things of others.)