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From androgynous +‎ -ly.


androgynously (comparative more androgynously, superlative most androgynously)

  1. In an androgynous manner.
    • 1842 April 1, H., “Correspondence: Ad similitudinem dei”, in The British Magazine, volume 21, page 389:
      I conceive that holy writ has twice intended to represent man as originally framed in God's image and likeness, for that reason, or in that respect, which is both times immediately subjoined — viz., that he was a being androgynously masculine, and uniting in himself the virtues and natures of both sexes.
    • 1985, Hamilton I. McCubbin, Barbara B. Dahl, Marriage and Family: Individuals and Life Cycles[1], New York: Wiley, ↑ISBN, OL 2849578M, page 45:
      Androgynously oriented males can express their feelings well and are more nurturant than traditionally masculine men.
    • 1992, Davis, Fred, Fashion, Culture, and Identity, University of Chicago Press, published 1994, ↑ISBN, OL 22485106M, page 35:
      Over the past century and a half, though more overtly in the period since the First World War, androgynously toned fashions have from time to time held sway, having reached their zenith in the unisex stylings popular from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s (Gottdiener 1977).
    • 1997 July 15, “Pronouns, Politics, and Femme Practice: An Interview with Minnie Bruce Pratt”, in Laura Harris, Elizabeth Crocker, editor, Femme: Feminists, Lesbians, and Bad Girls, New York; London: Routledge, ↑ISBN, OL 7495834M, page 192:
      When you dressed androgynously, did others still perceive you as a femme?