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angel +‎ -less


angelless (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Without an angel.
    • 1978, César Vallejo, Clayton Eshleman, José Rubia Barcia, César Vallejo: the complete posthumous poetry
      In the last half of the only poem I completed to any satisfaction while living in Japan, I envisioned myself as a kind of angelless Jacob wrestling with a figure from an alien alphabet, trying to take its meaning from him []
    • 1980, Thomas L. Goodale, Peter A. Witt, Recreation and leisure: issues in an era of change
      Our machines have shown us the uninhabited heavens while parting the angelless clouds.
    • 1998, María del Carmen Boza, Scattering the ashes
      In the mountains too angels sang to the lonely shepherds. A lion roared on an angelless mountain.
    • 2007, Mark Channing, India Mosaic
      The loneliness and remote grandeur of the scene swept one into an angelless Paradise.