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Old Portuguese[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • ango (likely a misspelling)


From Late Latin angelus, from Ancient Greek ἄγγελος (ángelos, messenger).


  • IPA(key): /ˈã.d͡ʒe.o/, /ˈã.d͡ʒo/


angeo m

  1. angel
    • 13th century, attributed to Alfonso X of Castile, Cantigas de Santa Maria, E codex, cantiga 294 (facsimile):
      Como hũa moller q̇ iogaua os dados en pulla lançou hũa pedra aa omagen de ſ[ant]a mari[a] por q̇ perdera ⁊ parou un angeo de pedra que y eſtava a mão ⁊ reçibiu o colpe.
      How a woman who was playing dice in Apulia threw a stone at the statue of Holy Mary because she had lost, and an angel of stone which was there reached out its hand and received the blow.

Related terms[edit]