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Blend of anger +‎ entertainment.



angertainment (uncountable)

  1. (derogatory) Programming, especially talk shows and talk radio, which is characterized by anger or which provokes anger in its audience.
    • 2009 December 23, John McCarron, “Solutions for a nation stuck in low gear”, in Chicago Tribune:
      Here in the media, meanwhile, much of what used to be called journalism has morphed into "angertainment," which is to say a bunch of shouting over who's to blame for this future of less.
    • 2012, Wayne Roberts, “Thank you, Rob Ford”, in Now, Toronto, 5 January - 12 January 2012, Volume 31, Number 19:
      The resulting anger makes for yell radio and TV angertainment.
    • 2013 February 18, Tim Krohn, “Big Ideas speaker says change doesn’t require new laws”, in Mankato Free Press:
      “We’re doing a lot better on this planet than the angertainment industry would have us believe. But Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher don’t want you to think that way. And they are very good at it. It’s very profitable for them. []
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