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Blend of anniversary +‎ ish (issue).



annish (plural annishes)

  1. (dated, fandom slang) Issue of a periodical that marks the anniversary of its first publication.
    • 1950 February, Rapp, Art, “Timber!”, in Spacewarp[1], number 35, page 2:
      And if the remainder of the March ish is as good as it begins, it'll be something! There will be two -- at least -- new columns inaugurated in the Third Annish -- plus some BNF's contribbing other items to the lineup.
    • 1952 April, Calkins, Gregg, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, volume 13, number 3, page 12:
      On January 1st, 1952 (past history to you readers) I expect to put out Volume 1, Number 1 of OOPSLA, my own fan mag. Sub rates are 10c per copy, 60c a year at a bi-monthly schedule. At that price goes the possibility of an annish.
    • 1986 November, Willis, Walt, “The Harp That Once or Twice”, in Science-Fiction Five-Yearly[2], number 8, page 6:
      Professor rich brown has recently promulgated a theory of the Conservation of Egoboo, which postulates that the amount of egoboo resulting from any given piece of fanac is constant. He points out that Nydahl is now as famous for his gafia as he would have been if his annish had received the acclaim he expected.