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From the Latin annōsitās (fullness of years).



annosity (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Fullness of years; great length of life; agedness; lengthiness of life span.
    • 1654, Hamon L’Estrange, The Reign of King Charles, an History faithfully and impartially delivered and disposed into Annals, page 136:
      Robert Parr…the wonder of our times for annosity and long life.
    • 1994: The Economist, volume 332, issues 7,879–7,882, page 84
      […] the guardian of this columbarium — he missed that one — is plainly not a pedant at all. He just has a quirky love of words. Johnson wishes him annosity of his […]



  • An Universal Etymological English Dictionary, by Nathan Bailey (1742 edition)
      Annosity, Agedness.
  • A Compleat Dictionary English and Dutch, to which is added a Grammar, for both Languages, by William Sewel [compil.] and Egbert Buys [ed.] (1766), volume 1, page 21
      ANNOSITY, Ouderdom.
  • Dictionary of the Synonymous Words and Technical Terms in the English Language, by James Leslie (1806), page 7
      AGEDNESS. s. Annosity.
  • Encyclopædia Perthensis; or, Universal Dictionary of the Arts, Sciences, Literature, &c. (2nd Ed.; 1816), volume II, page 183
      ANNOSITY, agedneſs. Bailey.
  • †aˈnnosity” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary [2nd Ed.; 1989]