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anonci (present anoncas, past anoncis, future anoncos, conditional anoncus, volitive anoncu)

  1. to announce; to give notice
    Ni avide atendas la anoncotajn rezultojn.
    We’re eagerly waiting for the results to be announced.
    Ŝian alvenon anoncis laŭta bojado.
    Her arrival was announced by loud barking.
  2. to advertise
    Oni anoncis gazete kaj televide la lanĉon de la nova servo.
    The launch of the new service was advertised in the newspaper and on television.


Related terms[edit]

  • anoncigi (to send word, have (something) announced)
  • anonciĝi (to be announced; to promise to be)
  • anoncisto (announcer)
  • anonco (announcement, notice, advertisement)
  • antaŭanonci (to give advance notice; to foretell)