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From Latin ansatus, from ansa (handle).


ansate (not comparable)

  1. That has a handle or a part that resembles a handle.
    • 1973, Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Archaeologia Aeliana: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquities, page 124,
      The decoration of this feature is singular for it displays in relief an ansate, oval dish complete with offerings.
    • 1990, John Irwin Jones, Chapter 15: Comparative Development of Somatic Sensory Cortex, Edward G. Jones, Alan Peters (editors), Cerebral Cortex, Volume 8B: Comparative Structure and Evolution of Cerebral Cortex, Part 2, page 407,
      In cats, the ansate sulcus forms a posterior boundary for much of SI,[primary somatosensory cortex] and the coronal sulcus functions as a jugular sulcus demarcating forelimb and face projections.
    • 2010, Roger Tomlin, Chapter Seven: Cursing a Thief in Iberia and Britain, Richard Lindsay Gordon, Francisco Marco Simón (editors), Magical Practice in the Latin West: Papers from the International Conference held at the University of Zaragoza 30 Sept. — 1 Oct. 2005, page 249,
      Only two British tablets are ansate: these are Caerleon (Text-fig. 5), which (to quote the editors) “has two nail-holes for attachment”, and Bath 15, which was nonetheless folded up and deposited in the hot spring.






  1. second-person plural present indicative of ansare
  2. second-person plural imperative of ansare
  3. feminine plural of ansato