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From anthem +‎ -ic.


anthemic (comparative more anthemic, superlative most anthemic)

  1. (music) Suggestive of an anthem; rousing.
    • 2015, Rose Bretécher, Pure
      But something new was rippling through a million MySpace profiles. The sound was electro, and bass-laced synthetic dance pop would soon start streaming in from producers in Paris, dizzying the twenteens of Britain with its accessible, anthemic funk.


anthemic (plural anthemics)

  1. (music) A song that is suggestive of an anthem.
    • 2009 March 16, Ben Rayner, “Hot sounds”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      Passionate anthemics, prog-rock twists and turns, and several Hendrix-ian guitar burnouts by self-aware showman Patrick Krief aimed straight for the cheap seats and left everyone feeling pleasantly dazed.