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anti-Shiitic (comparative more anti-Shiitic, superlative most anti-Shiitic)

  1. Relating to or pertaining to anti-Shi'ism.
    • 1964, Erling Petersen, ʻAlī and Muʻāwiya in Early Arabic Tradition, Page 88
      But this movement — although its views were compatible with the prevailing anti-Shiitic atmosphere — does not until Harun ar-Rashid's death in 809 appear able to assert itself side by side with such traditionalists as Hisham []
    • 1909, American Oriental Society, Journal of the American Oriental Society - Volume 29, Page 54
      The Sunnitic protest against the transferring of this miracle to the Mahdi found expression in an interpretation forcibly put upon the well-known hadith — in itself an anti- Shiitic protest
    • 1946, Iyewd gulbfin, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
      anti-shiitic riot incited by black market operator []