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anti- +‎ circ


anti-circ (not comparable)

  1. Opposed to male infant circumcision.
    • 1997, Hank Hyena, "Foreskin or against it?", Salon, 20 August 1997:
      The next morning I typed “circumcision” into Yahoo! Twenty-three site matches appeared. Many were the same affirmative reports I’d already examined, but there was also a promising list of anti-circ groups.
    • 2007, Craig Malisow, "The Fantastic Foreskin", Houston Press, 12 July 2007:
      Guerin Woodgate Jr., 29, says he never thought much about his circumcision until he stumbled upon some anti-circ Web sites about ten years ago.
    • 2010, Boy Culture: An Encyclopedia (eds. Shirley R. Steinberg, Michael Kehler, & Lindsay Cornish), Greenwood (2010), ISBN 9780313350801, page 135:
      Circumcision has been widespread as a routine neonatal procedure in America, resulting in an enduring clash between the medical community and the anti-circ (anti-circumcision) movement that hosts conferences, rallies, anti-circ days, and numerous Web sites.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:anti-circ.