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Alternative forms[edit]


anti- +‎ venene


anti-venene (countable and uncountable, plural anti-venenes)

  1. (Britain, Australia) Antivenom, antivenin.
    • 1898, Royal Microscopical Society (Great Britain), Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society[1], page 623:
      His conclusions are that (1) about the same quantity of anti-venene necessary to neutralise the venom in vitro is capable of doing so when the forner is injected into the bloodstream, and the latter sub-cutaneously ;
    • 1973, East African Wild Life Society, World Wildlife Fund, Africana, Volume 5, page 5,
      What he really means is that the recommended use of anti-venene does not entirely agree with one set of medical opinion.
    • 1978, Australian Broadcasting Commission, A Big Country: More Stories about the People of Australia[2], page 13:
      Now it became necessary to take venom from captured Taipans, so as to produce anti-venene, and to put it in hospitals right through the danger areas.