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anti- +‎ civic


anticivic (comparative more anticivic, superlative most anticivic)

  1. In opposition to citizenship.
  2. Against the welfare and best interests of citizens and their citizenship.
    • 1997: Douglas P. Fry, Kaj Björkqvist, Cultural Variation in Conflict Resolution: Alternatives to Violence
      To summarize the findings, no schema (with the exception of one minor schema of alienation) expresses either anticivic or antidemocratic culture, ...
    • 2002: Harold L. Wilensky, Rich Democracies: Political Economy, Public Policy and Performance
      Under television's relentlessly negative portrayal of events, the civic culture of optimism, idealism, rationalism, and nationalism was gradually giving way to an anticivic culture of distrust, a sense of political inefficacy, ...
    • 2002: Joshua Scodel, Excess and the Mean in Early Modern English Literature
      Milton suggests his republicanism by spurning the anticivic implications of Epicurean garden retirement.'




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