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anti- +‎ cross


anticross (third-person singular simple present anticrosses, present participle anticrossing, simple past and past participle anticrossed)

  1. (quantum mechanics, of energy levels) To fail to cross in a graph of energy vs. electric field strength; characteristic of coherent superposition states
    • 1998, Lev Zimin et al., “LO Phonon Renormalization in Optically Excited CuCl Nanocrystals”, in Physical Review Letters[1], volume 80, number 14:
      When the mixing becomes resonant, the phonon sideband anticrosses with the excited exciton state.


anticross (plural anticrosses)

  1. (quantum mechanics) A case of anticrossing
    • 1998, K. Chang & J.B. Xia, “The effects of electric field on the electronic structure of a semiconductor quantum dot”, in Journal of Applied Physics[2], volume 84:
      These anticrosses arise from the mixing effect of heavy and light hole states.