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anti- +‎ element


antielement (plural antielements)

  1. The antimatter analog of an element; antiatom.
    • 1981, Saul J. Adelman, ‎Benjamin Adelman, Bound for the stars, page 206:
      He began his analysis by assuming that antimatter could be produced in adequate quantity — which he believes impossible or extremely expensive with present-day technology — and that antihydrogen would be the easiest antielement to produce.
    • 1994, Sven Kullander, ‎Kullander Sven, ‎Börje Larsson, Out of Sight!: From Quarks to Living Cells, →ISBN, page 218:
      In principle the energy should have been enough for the production of even heavier antinuclei. However, the probability for production of heavier masses is very tiny, and antihelium-3 is still the heaviest known antielement.
    • 2018, Memet Şahin, ‎Abdullah Kargın, ‎Mehmet Ali Çoban, Fixed Point Theorem for Neutrosophic Triplet Partial Metric Space:
      In a neutrosophic triplet set, there is a neutral element and antielement for each element.