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anti- +‎ lynching


antilynching (not comparable)

  1. Opposed to the practice of lynching
    • 1895, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, The Red Record[1]:
      Writing from London, to the Chicago Inter Ocean, Nov. 25, 1894, the distinguished compiler of our last census, Hon. Robert P. Porter, gives the American people a most interesting review of the antilynching crusade in England, submitting editorial opinions from all sections of England and Scotland, showing the consensus of British opinion on this subject.
  2. (law) Prohibiting the practice of lynching
    • 1998 March 27, Cara Jepsen, “Days of the Week”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      The year before, he donated his earnings from his performance in Eugene O'Neill's All God's Chillun Got Wings to Jewish refugees fleeing Germany, and in 1945 he worked to get Harry Truman to support an antilynching law.