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anti- +‎ nigger


antinigger (comparative more antinigger, superlative most antinigger)

  1. (offensive) Opposing black people.
    • 1970, Miriam Wasserman, The school fix, NYC, USA, page 489:
      A white working-class General student lost his simple "antinigger" innocence when he began to see in what ways he and the "niggers" were in the same boat.
    • 1998, Sonic Options Network, Option (issues 78-81, page 87)
      Fight the Power is Chuck D's chance to set the crooked record straight, whether it's taking on "the corporate pimps of soul" or calling out the government as "an antinigger machine."
    • 2007, Robert Reid-Pharr, Once You Go Black: Desire, Choice and Black American Intellectual, page 131:
      [] choosing at this juncture to redefine himself in relation to an emerging black culture, a culture that was self-consciously antiwhite and, more significantly still, antinigger.