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anti- +‎ symbolism


antisymbolism (uncountable)

  1. Opposition to symbolism.
    • 1854, Richard Graves, An Analysis of the Revelations[1], page 229:
      These are only a few of the absurdities of the theory of antisymbolism, but they are sufficient, one should think, to confute it.
    • 1963, Carl Joachim Friedrich, Man and his government: an empirical theory of politics, page 632:
      These are materialism, antiformalism and antisymbolism, verification through practical results, the partisanship of science, and the need of modifying scientific dogma only by action of the political leadership []
    • 1976, AIA Journal, volume 65, page 66:
      Thus the extreme antisymbolism, antiornament and anti-Beaux-Arts position of the Bauhaus and other European modems.