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From apathy, apathetic, on the pattern of æsthete.



apathete (plural apathetes)

  1. An apathetic person; one given to apathy.
    • 1976: Christopher G. A. Bryant, Sociology in Action: A Critique of Selected Conceptions of the Social Role of the Sociologist, page 145 (Allen and Unwin; →ISBN, 9780043000588)
      He does not condemn the apathete, indeed he recognises that the alienating character of most industrial and commercial work affects leisure too; []
    • 2007: Will Self & Ralph Steadman, Psychogeography, page 42 (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.; →ISBN, 9780747590330)
      I remember that afternoon in SoHo because it was on my first, conscious trip to New York; and even an experienced apathete such as myself – the shirker of the Taj Mahal, the dodger of the Alhambra – was still struck by how inappropriate this seemed.


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