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apiary +‎ -ist


  • IPA(key): /ˈeɪpi.əɹɪst/
  • (file)


apiarist (plural apiarists)

  1. beekeeper
    • 1815, Edward T. W. Polehampton, The Gallery of Nature and Art, page 310:
      Some late and very curious experiments, however, of M. Huber, one of the most celebrated apiarists in Europe, have shewn that the pollen has no share whatever in the formation of wax; but that this substance is produced indiscriminately from honey, sugar, or any other saccharine matter, which serves as food for the bees.
    • 1905, “Bee keeping”, in Farmers' Bulletin, number 59, page 9:
      In addition to this there are, within the borders of the United States, thousands of good locations for the apiarist — forest, prairie, swamp, and mountain regions — where agriculture has not yet gained a foothold, either because of remoteness from markets or the uninviting character of soil or climate.
    • 2014, Doug Purdie, Backyard Bees: A guide for the beginner beekeeper[1], page 17:
      Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth, a nineteenth- century apiarist, teacher and clergyman who is considered to be the father of American beekeeping, first described this type of hive in 1853.