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aposelene (plural aposelenes)

  1. Apoapsis around the moon.
    • 1870, Jules Verne, All Around the Moon:
      At its aposelene the Projectile's velocity would have reached its minimum; at the periselene, its maximum.
    • 1979, Julian Popescu, Russian space exploration: the first 21 years, page 26:
      It was injected smoothly into a translunar trajectory and when it reached the moon on 10th April it went into a moon orbit with a periselene of 160km, aposelene of 870km, inclination of 42 degrees and period of orbit of 2 hours and 40 minutes.
    • 2007, India Space Programs and Exploration Handbook, →ISBN, page 116:
      The satellite was placed in an elliptical orbit that passed over the polar regions of the Moon, with 7502 km aposelene (point farthest away from the Moon) and 504 km periselene (nearest to the Moon).

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