apple dumpling shop

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Alternative forms[edit]


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apple dumpling shop (plural apple dumpling shops)

  1. (archaic, vulgar, slang) The bosom of a woman, especially a fat or large-breasted woman.
    • 1997, Casey Claybourne, A Spirited Seduction, page 121:
      Instinctively Nell glanced to her bosom to make sure it was adequately exposed before she remembered he couldn't see her. He couldn't appreciate the sight of her apple dumplin' shop because, to him, she was invisible.
    • 2010, Aishling Morgan, Devon Cream:
      You're neither of you exactly what you'd call short in the apple-dumpling shop.
    • 2011, Gillian Bagwell, The Darling Strumpet: A Novel of Nell Gwynn:
      When she noticed a gentleman surveying her bosom as well as her oranges, she said pertly, “Sixpence for anything in the basket, sir, but the goods in the apple dumpling shop are not for sale.”


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