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From apt +‎ -onym, on the model of other words suffixed with -onym.


  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˈæp.toʊ.nɪm/, /ˈæp.tə.nɪm/
    • (file)


Examples (aptonyms)

"Cutter & Sons, Butchers"
"Dr. Childer, Pediatrician"
"Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe, Attorneys at law"

aptonym (plural aptonyms)

  1. A proper name that aptly describes the occupation or character of the person, especially by coincidence.
    • 1992, Frank H. Nuessel, The study of names: a guide to the principles and topics, page 42:
      The following is a selected list of aptonyms, i.e., people whose names and occupations or situation (e.g., workplace) have a close correspondence
    • 2004, Christine Scodari, Serial monogamy: soap opera, lifespan, and the gendered politics of fantasy, page 96:
      New aptonyms appeared for both Matt and Donna at this juncture — "DoorMatt" and "Donnasaur."
    • 2005, Maurice Charney, Comedy: A Geographic and Historical Guide, volume 1, page 201:
      Stocked with characters whose names are representative of their failings (aptonyms, a standard comic technique), The Stepsure Letters is not read today outside the university classroom


Derived terms[edit]