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From arbiter.


arbitrium n (genitive arbitriī); second declension

  1. the decision of an arbiter
  2. judgement, decision, opinion
  3. mastery, dominion, authority


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative arbitrium arbitria
genitive arbitriī arbitriōrum
dative arbitriō arbitriīs
accusative arbitrium arbitria
ablative arbitriō arbitriīs
vocative arbitrium arbitria



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    • the decision of the question rests with you: penes te arbitrium huius rei est
    • to put the matter entirely in some one's hands: arbitrio alicuius omnia permittere
    • to put the matter entirely in some one's hands: omnium rerum arbitrium alicui permittere
    • just as you wish: arbitratu, arbitrio tuo
    • to be at the beck and call of another; to be his creature: totum se fingere et accommodare ad alicuius arbitrium et nutum
    • to come before the tribunal of the critics: in existimantium arbitrium venire (Brut. 24. 92)
    • aristocracy (as a form of government): civitas, quae optimatium arbitrio regitur