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arch- +‎ sexist


arch-sexist (comparative more arch-sexist, superlative most arch-sexist)

  1. Extremely sexist.
    • 1975, Democratic Review, volume 1, page 100:
      She is little known throughout the state and those groups that could normally be expected to give impetus to her drive have been alienated by her obvious cuddling up to arch sexist and conservative Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo.
    • 1995, David Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction: An A-Z of Science-fiction:
      [] you have to overlook its extremely arch sexist tone.
    • 2011, Robert Stuart Yoder, Deviance and Inequality in Japan: Japanese Youth and Foreign Migrants[1]:
      [] the institution lent an aura of cultural legitimacy to the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of girls and women who were forced into the sex trade in the major cities and virtually every provincial town in arch-sexist traditional Japan.


arch-sexist (plural arch-sexists)

  1. One who is extremely sexist.
    • 1990, The University of Mississippi Studies in English, volume 8, page 89:
      Therefore, Bronte's utilization of Milton's heroic woman as a model for her feminist paradigm calls into question the notion of Milton as an arch-sexist developed by traditional male critics and perpetuated by Sandra Gilbert []
    • 2003, Paul Hyland, The Enlightenment: A Sourcebook and Reader[2], page 404:
      These are startling terms indeed for someone so often thought of as the arch-misogynist and arch-sexist of the Enlightenment period.
    • 2012, Janet Radcliffe Richards, The Sceptical Feminist: A Philosophical Enquiry[3], volume 31, page 125:
      In the words of the arch-sexist Ruskin (who will provide a useful illustration of the type), quoted by Kate Millett []