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arithmetic +‎ -ian


arithmetician (plural arithmeticians)

  1. (now rare) One with expertise in arithmetic. A mathematician.
    • c. 1604, William Shakespeare, Othello, Act I, Scene 1,[1]
      [] ‘Certes,’ says he,
      ‘I have already chose my officer.’
      And what was he?
      Forsooth, a great arithmetician []
    • 1695, William Congreve, Love for Love, London: Jacob Tonson, Act IV, Scene 1, p. 59,[2]
      [] it’s a Question that would puzzle an Arithmetician, if you should ask him, whether the Bible saves more Souls in Westminster-Abby, or damns more in Westminster-Hall []
    • 1774, David Garrick, A Christmas Tale, Part II, Scene 1, p. 13,[3]
      Bonoro. What said he?
      Tycho. That he would say but three words and follow me. I heard him say a hundred, and sing a thousand: Lovers are bad arithmeticians.
    • 1860, George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss, London: William Blackwood, Volume 1, Chapter 3, p. 33,[4]
      You talk of figures, now; you have only to say to Stelling, ‘I want my son to be a thorough arithmetician,’ and you may leave the rest to him.