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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English armurer, from Old French armurier.


armorer (plural armorers)

  1. A manufacturer of weapons, especially of guns.
    Synonyms: armer, armsmaker
    Hyponym: gunsmith (chiefly civilian)
  2. A military specialist in charge of the upkeep of small arms etc.
    • 2014, Tony Redding, Life and Death in Bomber Command:
      The squadron ground crews and armourers set high standards.
    • 2023 January 19, Julia Jacobs, Graham Bowley, “Alec Baldwin Charges Spur Debate on Responsibility for Guns on Set”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was in charge of weapons on set as the movie’s armorer and who was also charged with involuntary manslaughter, also had that responsibility, the prosecutors said, as did Dave Halls, the first assistant director, who reached a plea agreement.
  3. (historical) Someone who makes or repairs armor.
    Hypernyms: metalworker, blacksmith, metalsmith, smith


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  1. Alternative form of armurer