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Arum maculatum


aroid (plural aroids)

  1. (informal) Any plant of the family Araceae, found chiefly in the tropics.
    • 1920, Sir Harry Johnston, Mrs. Warren's Daughter[1]:
      They made their way slowly to the great Palm House and thence up twisty iron steps to a nook like a tree refuge in New Guinea, among palm boles and extravagant aroid growths.
    • 1997 March 7, Jerry Sullivan, “Field & Street”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Jack-in-the-pulpit is the only other aroid native to our part of the world.
    • 2000, Anton Ivancic, Vincent Lebot, The Genetics and Breeding of Taro, page 15,
      The majority of aroids are climbers and epiphytes of tropical rainforests.


  • arum (plant of genus Arum)


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