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  1. present participle of arouse


arousing (comparative more arousing, superlative most arousing)

  1. Causing arousal.
    I am having very arousing thoughts about my gym teacher when he's in his tight shorts.

Derived terms[edit]



arousing (plural arousings)

  1. (rare) An act or occurrence in which something is aroused
    • 1912, Will Levington Comfort, Fate Knocks at the Door[1]:
      There is a mob in every drama--poor mob that always loses, of untimely arousings, mere bewildered strength in the wiles of strategy.
    • 1913, Anna Bishop Scofield, Insights and Heresies Pertaining to the Evolution of the Soul[2], 2nd ed. edition:
      These excursions of the soul into the realm of matter, thus made by and through the offices of clairvoyants and seers, the repeated arousings of the ego from its contented sleep are finally highly educational, and result in resurrecting the forces of the enfranchised being, and setting them in motion on the lines of useful work for humanity.