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arty +‎ -ly


artily (comparative more artily, superlative most artily)

  1. (rare) In an arty fashion.
    • 1975, Wilfrid Mellers, Music in a New Found Land: Themes and Developments in the History of American Music, page 362:
      Of course, there are better examples of this artily conscious cult of the naïve: we may mention the Seven Pieces (24) which Jimmy Giuffre, a musically educated white jazz composer, wrote for himself on clarinet or sax, with J. Hall on guitar and Red Mitchell on bass.
    • 2010, Lucy Ridout, The Rough Guide to Bangkok:
      Attracts an indie, mostly Thai crowd, to drink cocktails (B120) and 3.5-litre towers of draft Heineken (B500) at its wrought-iron tables and artily mismatched furniture.
    • 2013, Emma van der Vliet, Thirty Second World:
      He stood in front of her wearing an artily ironic nylon leopard-skin print vest bought from the kind of shops where Marcia had rebelliously shopped in high school when she'd been 'going native' as Evie put it.